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black frame chair
magnet grey frame chair

discover GenieFlex

GenieFlex delivers comfort, style and intrigue in a variety of seating settings. With its various control mechanism and arm options, it can be used as a task chair, a task stool, a conference chair or an executive/management chair. It unique grid-styled back, FlexBack, is made of single molded piece of the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomer. This TPU has altering rigid and flexible segments within its makeup, which creates a harmony between stability in support and flexibility in movement. Due to its natural encouragement of movement, upper and lower body support and even distribution of weight across the back eliminating pressure points, this is the perfect office environment chair in task, management or stool form. Paired with its sleek, black fixed arm with fixed cap, GenieFlex is an exceptional, modern, conference room chair. Further, the excellent rot resistance, strong resistance to weathering, resistance to oils, greases and many solvents and environmentally-friendly nature, GenieFlex is also a perfect solution for task or task stool seating in clinical environments.


  • framework: available in black or magnet grey finish.
  • seats: offering six seat styles, petite to extra-large, with a 350lb weight rating.
  • FlexBack: expertly woven, injection-molded, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is durable, stain-resistant, flexible, comfortable, supportive and constructed of environmentally-friendly material
  • arms: ergonomic multi-adjustable arms and caps in black, magnet grey and polished finishes.
  • control mechanisms: featuring quick adjust advanced synchro that uses single rotation adjustments for the back (no endless turning of the handle to adjust your backrest to your level of comfort).
  • bases: five-star bases available in black nylon, white nylon, polished aluminum and brushed aluminum finishes.
  • foam: high density, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection molded, CFC-free, foam using Via Seating’s proprietary process (backed by Via Seating’s 12 year warranty).
  • quick ship: 20 chairs produced in a 48 hour period.
  • warranty: 12 year warranty.

color options

component options

  • arms


    -0A series

    height adjustable

    -38A (black) | 38AG (magnet grey)

    Features a height adjustable arm with textured, sleek design cap (#10) that matches the arm color. Optional arm width adjustment bracket.

    roll back


    Features a height adjustable arm that has a smooth roll back feature (arm rolls back out of the way of the seat).

    8-way adjustable

    -51A (black) | 51AG (magnet grey) | 52A (white) | 53A (polished aluminum)

    Features a height adjustable arm that offers the following adjustments:

    • up and down
    • optional width in, width out
    • optional cap rotation in, cap rotation out
    • optional cap forward, cap back
  • control mechanisms

    quick adjust advanced synchro


    Features a new, innovative, single rotation adjustment (no more endless twisting to adjust the chair). Achieve any of the 7 distinct back tensions levels within a single rotation of the handle.

    See 67CSS for the integrated seat slide version.

    quick adjust advanced synchro with seat slider


    Features all of the benefits of the 67C with an additional seat slider paddle built in. This adjustment is compact and sleek.

    body balance


    Features instant and automatic balance support adjusting to your body and posture.

    Add the bolted-on, slim line -12SS for a seat slide option.

    enhanced body balance


    Features a technologically advanced body balance that automatically adjusts to your body and posture. It also includes an additional adjustment knob to fine tune the tension for all body types.

    Add the bolted-on, slim line -12SS for a seat slide option.

    stool control


    Features a simple sit backed by an automatic weight-activated adjustment that conforms to the sitter’s body. No adjustment necessary.

    Pair with the tall (-11DR) or extra tall (-11XDR) gas lift with stool foot ring.

  • bases

    black nylon 26" 5-star


    magnet grey nylon 26" 5-star


    polished aluminum 26" 5-star


    brushed aluminum 26" 5-star

  • casters & glides

    black carpet casters


    grey hard floor & carpet casters


    black glides


FlexBack is a canopy for your back

Resting back against the FlexBack on GenieFlex is an absolute dream. The strategically placed holes in its woven back pattern allow the back to breath. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has a comfortably cool feel to the touch. FlexBack is ergonomically dynamic with built-in, sculpted support to the lower region of the spine.

the benefits of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

  • Same material found in high-performance running & basketball shoes.
  • Incredible elasticity intuitively conforming and supporting your lumbar and spine.
  • Virtually indestructible – bleach cleanable.
  • Available in five (5) beautiful colors.
  • Perfect fit for healthcare environments


GenieFlex's FlexBack uses an injection-molded woven-look back made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
no plasticizers, naturally soft & flexible uses plasticizers such as DEHP
chlorine-free high chlorine content
high abrasion resistance low abrasion resistance
light weight high weight
odorless gives off a "plastic" smell from plasticizers
no harmful chemicals in breakdown releases harmful chemicals in breakdown
easily recyclable harder to recycle, especially DEHP

6 seat sizes within the same framework

GenieFlex is available with 6 seat sizes: size petite (AA) to size extra-large/heavy duty (D). This range allows for custom fitting for petite and even up to big and tall individuals, while standardizing on an overall look.