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Over the last several decades, there has been increasing awareness of the impact we leave on our environment and how our actions affect future generations. The protection and sustainable use of our natural resources has become an essential element in our business strategies, relationships, and products. Sustainability isn’t only about protecting our environment; it’s about developing responsible
social and economic goals within the Via Seating organization.

We recognize the growing necessity for sustainable furniture and are dedicated to fulfilling the environmental needs of our customers. We understand that our customers expect high quality, sustainable products at affordable prices and we are making it our mission to meet these demands with innovative—sustainable—designs. Sustainability encompasses three interconnected elements: environment, economy, and society. Our sustainability efforts must include progress in all three of these areas to make a significant contribution toward human-ecosystem equilibrium. This statement outlines our vision and strategies to achieve continuous improvement in sustainability


Pollution affects the ecosystem at global, national, and local levels. By eliminating waste and emissions, we can reduce the risks to human health and the environment. One way we are reducing waste and emissions is the steady shift toward more domestic sourcing to reduce packaging waste and toxic emissions.

It is our goal to steadily reduce our waste and emissions to zero. Until that goal is reached, we will continue to safely and responsibly dispose of any waste generated by our facility. We will also continue to monitor our emissions and set achievable goals to reduce, and eventually eliminate, our greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainable practices reduce expenditures on water, energy, and other natural resources, which in turn creates savings that contribute to job creation and economic growth. Improving efficiency in our business practices also enhances our ability to achieve sustainability goals. Over the reporting period we have improved the efficiency of our inbound shipping practices as well as implemented a just-in-time inventory method.

Centralized warehousing and reduced inventory cost means less wasted dollars. Our shift toward more domestic sourcing means we purchase a sizeable portion of our supplies and components from United States manufacturers. Investing in US manufacturers boosts our nation’s economy and contributes to a stable future, creating jobs and promoting American independence.


We hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of our employees and the public; therefore, we will continuously improve our health and safety practices until there are zero injuries, illnesses, or incidents. Health concerns regarding the chemical composition of materials used in manufacturing have risen exponentially within the last few years. Greater demand for transparency in manufacturing is a significant challenge, not only for Via Seating, but manufacturers across the globe. We believe our customers deserve to know the products they buy from us are safe to use and have minimal impact on the environment.

To meet this challenge, it is our goal to improve our product transparency by participating in initiatives such as Life Cycle Assessments, Environmental Product Declarations, and the Health Product Declaration Collaborative over the next 3-5 years.

Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability & Social Responsibility Report

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