Spotlight on the Via Seating Color Collection


When it comes to multipurpose furniture, Via Seating challenges the idea that multiuse seating solutions need to be generic. At Via Seating, we believe that functionality and fun should coexist, that’s why we took note from our beloved “Zee” collection and launched two new series “Coleurí” and “Joí” in 2023. All the series mentioned come in a rainbow of color options. The latest releases, Joí and Coleurí, come in five similar colorways that make these series truly work better together. 



Bursting with Personality


A tried-and-true favorite, the Zee collection by Grey Design Studio stands out as a testament to vision and innovation. Zee is more than just a seating solution; it is the result of a harmonious blend of vision, form, function, and style. The elegant form of the Zee series wraps around and embraces the sitter, providing a comfortable and flexible seating experience.

What sets Zee apart is its flexibility. Whether as a light task chair, a bar stool, a counter stool, a stackable café seat, or a guest chair, Zee offers the perfect form to fit any space. The collection is available in seven vibrant colors, allowing designers to enhance comfort and style by applying patterns and colors with Zee’s upholstered seat pad option.

Functional Elegance


Coleurí , the latest multipurpose seating series developed by the designers of Dorigo Design, capitalizes on simplicity while maintaining an intriguing Italian high-design aesthetic. This striking collection, available in six dipped-look colors, is visually appealing and 100% recyclable, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable furnishings.

Creating Focal Points


Joí , designed by S.I. Design Studio in Italy, is simplicity with a strong presence. These fun stools offer a tempting array of color options across seat trim, allowing designers to play with fabric, vinyl, or leather upholstery. Joí is versatile, coming in three sizes suitable for impromptu meetings, casual chatting sessions, and various educational settings. The playful stool, with its polished beech wood base, creates synergy and continuity in design, making it a perfect fit for bar and café settings. 


The Sustainable Choice


Both Coleurí and Joí showcase Via Seating’s commitment to sustainable design . Coleurí, being 100% recyclable, reflects a commitment to responsible consumption. Joí, crafted for flexibility in various settings, emphasizes sustainability by offering a choice of materials for upholstery and a design that transcends trends. All Via Seating chairs are designed to be enjoyed for years of use and are backed with a warranty.

These vibrant remarkable collections—Zee, Coleurí, and Joí—embody the transformative power of multiuse colorful chairs in interior design. Whether you seek a harmonious blend of vision and flexibility, simplicity with Italian high-design aesthetic, or a fun and versatile seating option, these chairs are more than mere furnishings; they are expressions of design innovation, functionality, and sustainable choices. Embrace the possibilities and let these chairs elevate your interior design visions into vibrant realities.