Nebula sofa

Nebula Model: 935-55XS | Textile: Camira Blazer Tyndale (CUZ2Y) 100% Pure New Wool with a rapidly renewable and compostable non metallic dyestuff.

sleek & inviting sofa

Embrace Nebula, the latest sofa by Via Seating’s Studio V. Its shape expands upon the sophisticated and playful curves of the Meteor chair. The compact, clean profile of the Nebula sofa widens its applications making this perfect for lobbies, lounges, suites and more. The proprietary blend of high-density, injection-molded, closed-cell, cold-cured foam ensures maximum comfort. Available to be specified with matte black or silver wire framework. Further personalize Nebula with two-tone upholstery and emphasized stitch.

  • Backrest: cradling back offers comfort and support.
  • Seat: option to upholster the comfortable seat in a different fabric.
  • Bases: wire framework in matte black and silver finishes.
  • Foam: high-density, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection-molded foam using Via Seating’s proprietary process.
  • Max weight: 500 lb.
  • Shipping: 4 weeks lead time Aug-Nov. Will then move to quick ship.
  • Warranty: 6 year warranty.


  • ANSI/BIFMA X7.1-2011 (R2016) Standard Method equivalent to CDPH Standard Method v1.1-2010 (Clean Air Gold).
  • LEED – v4.1 Low Emitting Materials (Clean Air Gold).
  • Living Building Challenge (LBC) – Imperative 08 (Clean Air Gold).
  • WELL – Feature 04 – VOC Reduction (Clean Air Gold).
  • Meets the Practice Greenhealth, Health Care Without Harm Healthy Interiors Criteria for Seating.


Sofa. #935

Luna ottoman. #926

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  • Base finishes.

    Matte black powder-coated steel. #55XB

    Silver powder-coated steel. #55XS

upholstery layout

  • Upholstery layouts.

    Single upholstery.

    • Standard.
    • Single textile shared across the seat & back.
    • Test out textiles here →

    Two-tone upholstery.

    • Different textiles on the seat & the back.
    • Test out textiles here →


  • Bases.

    X-base with a matte black finish. (-55XB)

    X-base with a silver finish. (-55XS)


  • Glides.

    Felt glides. (-FELT)

    • Optional on bases 55XB & 55XS.

designed by Studio V

Studio V creates modern, sophisticated and original seating solutions that are ergonomic, beautiful and sustainable. This team of engineers and designers are based at the Via Seating Factory in Reno, Nevada, where they develop products using a prototyping lab, the latest in 3D modeling software and a materials testing center.

studio: Reno, Nevada.

Explore their design process here »

Dimensions recorded by Via Seating engineers using:

  • the BIFMA Chair Measuring Device® (CMD) &

  • the BIFMA Universal Measuring Procedure.

chair drawings

  • Sofa with a wire frame X-base. (-55XS, -55XB)

    A. Overall height.

    B. Seat height.

    C. Seat width.

    D. Backrest width in lumbar support zone.

    E. Backrest height.

    F. Overall depth.

    G. Seat depth.

    935-55XB, 935-55XS

    A.  37.5″
    B.  17.0″
    C.  51.0″
    D.  50.0″
    E.  26.0″
    F.   33.0″
    G.  21.0″

arm drawings

  • Integrated fixed arms.

    J. Armrest length.

    K. Armrest height.

    L. Armrest width.

    M. Width between armrests.

    Nebula arms.

    J.  16.0″
    K.  7.5″
    L.  59.0″
    M.  56.0″

drawings showing back tilt

To download a model file type, simply click on the file type name.

Sofa with a wire frame X-base:

Silver finish. #55XS

⇩ 2D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ 3D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ revit (.rfa) – in development

Matte black finish. #55XB

⇩ 2D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ 3D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ revit (.rfa) – in development



Nebula price list and specification guide, 2021, 3rd edition pdf (1.1 MB)


Nebula brochure pdf (1.65 MB)


Solutions Overview book 2021 pdf (78.22 MB)
Via Look book 2021 pdf (68.71 MB)


Nebula Via Pops! postcard pdf (908.32 KB)
Nebula landscape postcard pdf (500.43 KB)


Nebula 935 sofa symbols zip (2.88 MB)


BIFMA LEVEL 2 certification 2 pdf (466.41 KB)
CLEAN AIR GOLD certification pdf (441.6 KB)


Nebula cleaning and care guidelines pdf (111.51 KB)