Muir chair

Muir Model: 937-4MS | Textile: Momentum Hue Eggplant (09063415).

a striking style & sensational sit

Consider your desired pose when reviewing a piece of art.   You want to feel undisturbed in your reflection and focused on the object of your gaze. Having something comfortable but not puffed up, elegant but not aloof, uncomplicated but classically finished would be the perfect perch. This was the inspiration for Muir by Via Seating’s Studio V. Its design is versatile and unassuming, delivering a perfect balance of presence with its wire outer frame. With its deliberate low profile Muir immediately and intuitively creates a casual sit with perfect seat and back angle positioning.

Launching November 2020.

  • Designer Shape: pleasant curve with thick, comfortable cushioning.
  • Bases: gorgeous black matte or silver wire frame base.
  • Foam: high-density, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection-molded foam using Via Seating’s proprietary process.
  • Max weight: 300 lb.
  • Shipping: 4 weeks lead time Aug-Nov. Will then move to quick ship.
  • Warranty: 6 year warranty.

Chair. (937)


  • Base finishes.

    Matte black powder-coated steel. (-4MB)

    Silver powder-coated steel. (-4MS)

upholstery layout


  • Bases.

    Wire frame fixed-height base with a black finish. (-4MB)

    Wire frame fixed-height base with a silver finish. (-4MS)


  • Glides.

    Felt glides. (-FELT)

    • Optional on bases 4MB & 4MS.

designed by Studio V

Studio V creates modern, sophisticated and original seating solutions that are ergonomic, beautiful and sustainable. This team of engineers and designers are based at the Via Seating Factory in Reno, Nevada, where they develop products using a prototyping lab, the latest in 3D modeling software and a materials testing center.

studio: Reno, Nevada.

Explore their design process here→

Dimensions recorded by Via Seating engineers using:

  • the BIFMA Chair Measuring Device® (CMD) &

  • the BIFMA Universal Measuring Procedure.

chair drawings

  • Chair with wire frame base. (-4MS, -4MB)

    A. Overall height.

    B. Seat height.

    C. Seat width.

    D. Backrest width in lumbar support zone.

    E. Backrest height.

    F. Overall depth.

    G. Seat depth.

    937-4MB, 937-4MS

    A.  33.5″
    B.  16.7″
    C.  23.0″
    D.  23.0″
    E.  20.0″
    F.   29.0″
    G.  20.0″

arm drawings

  • Integrated fixed arms.

    J. Armrest length.

    K. Armrest height.

    L. Armrest width.

    M. Width between armrests.

    J.  18.0″
    K.  8.5″
    L.  24.3″
    M.  23.0″

drawings showing back tilt

  • Chair with wire frame base. (-4MS, -4MB)

    N. Minimum backrest angle.

    O. Minimum seat pan angle.

    P. Maximum backrest angle.

    Q. Maximum seat pan angle.

    937-4MB, 937-4MS

    N.  130°
    O.  9°
    P.   130°
    Q.  9°

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Chair with wire frame base. (-4MS, -4MB)

⇩ 3D autoCAD (.dwg)



Muir price list and specification guide pdf (649.71 KB)


Look Book 2020 pdf (68.75 MB)


Muir 3D autoCAD .dwg dwg (101.35 KB)


Muir cleaning and care guidelines pdf (111.39 KB)