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Comet invites you to sit and unwind. Rest back into the contoured trim of its appealing mid back and along the designer curves of its integrated arms. Swivel any direction you would like. Forget boredom as you rock back and forth. Gently relax with its swaying motion. Comet utilizes Via Seating lounge’s swivel, rock & swivel or rock, swivel & sway mechanisms to deliver a motion-lounge experience you control. Discover more options by applying different upholstery to its seat and back. Comet—this is lounge the way it should be.


  • backrest: cradling back offers comfort and support.
  • seat: option to upholster the comfortable seat in a different fabric.
  • control mechanisms: choices include motion-lounge rock (back-and-forth rocking movement), sway (side-to-side swaying movement) & swivel.
  • bases: a variety of styles in polished, matte black and silver finishes including 5-star conference applications.
  • ottomans: add an ottoman, choosing between the square Chico style or round Luna style.
  • quick ship: 2 chairs produced in a 48 hour period.
  • warranty: 6 year warranty.



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Chico ottoman
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Comet price list and specification guide pdf (1.17 MB)
Ottomans price list and specification guide pdf (1.16 MB)


Comet brochure pdf (1.17 MB)
higher education solutions book pdf (23.77 MB)
healthcare solutions book pdf (15.64 MB)
lounge solutions book pdf (25.17 MB)


Comet 2D autoCAD files zip (404.84 KB)
Comet 3D autoCAD files zip (1.29 MB)


BIFMA LEVEL 2 lounge certification pdf (114.05 KB)
Clean Air Gold certification pdf (383.11 KB)


Comet cleaning and care guidelines pdf (110.78 KB)


base to chair assembly instructions pdf (308.35 KB)