Sit ONDA, All-Mesh Chair.

Discover instantaneous, responsive comfort from within ONDA’s award-winning sleek framework.

ONDA—Italian for “Wave”—is Via Seating’s first all-mesh chair designed by Studio V. This multi award-winning chair delivers incredible comfort, ergonomics, function, durability all in a stunning design. It is offered in a range of styles including mid back, high back, and stool options in forms in a monochromatic matte black or light grey frame color with a wide range of beautiful mesh colors. ONDA won a 2021 Platinum Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) and was featured in Design Journal’s Best of 2020 Products.

This chair has new innovations throughout. From the single rotation ergonomic synchro control, the 6D 360 degree rotating arm cap, the reverse locking safety casters, to even the unique “fabric feel” 4-way elastomeric mesh ONDA also offers Via Seating’s Patented Proprietary Copper-Infused Mesh available in black or natural striped patterns. This award-winning mesh solution is naturally biocidal, anti-viral & anti-bacterial. Using 0 additives, Via Seating’s Copper-Infused mesh, destroys harmful microorganisms upon contact, delivering a truly sustainable, self-sanitizing mesh seating solution.

ONDA is the next generation chair that is taking the industry by storm.

a breadth of mesh colors


black mesh
nickel mesh
silver mesh
blue mesh
red mesh
black copper mesh
copper mesh

a sitting experience designed around you


Dynamic Adjustable Arm

These arms have a full range of adjustments to support multiple postures, different body types and the way you work.  Our inhouse development team, Studio V, equipped this chair with 6D height adjustable arms allowing for a 360 degree armrest pivot with 6 locking positions, forward and backward arm pad movement, and 9 height adjustment with 4 inch travel. The armrest under palm can be either wider or narrower depending on preference. So, no matter what device you use—phones, laptops, tablets and traditional desk tops—you are supported in any position you choose to work.  These optional arms are only available on the ONDA chair and integrate beautifully with the design lines of this stunning chair.

Proprietary Synchro Technology

ONDA comes standard with the newest technology proprietary ergonomic synchro control with seat slide and forward tilt options available. We worked closely with our Italian control supplier to develop a quick tension adjustment for proper support and comfort that is easily achieved. This is the most advanced ergonomic control you can buy with an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. This high-performance mechanism offers a perfect synchronization between the back and seat at a 2:1 ratio, which reduces pressure points, allows for healthy blood circulation and keeps the feet firmly on the ground when tilting back. It is unique in that the adjustments for back tension & 5-position back tilt lock deliver the full range of adjustment capability all within a single rotation of the knob. This eliminates endless cranking required on most chairs for this adjustment, which is painful on the wrist. The technology also offers seat height and seat depth adjustment and long with forward tilt with paddles that are easily accessed and intuitive. All of these adjustments work in harmony to create a sit customized to the individual.

ONDA also offers auto-adjust body balance technology options available for chair & task stool models.

Intuitive & Adjustable Lumbar

The ONDA vertically repositionable lumbar mechanism is integrated into the beautiful sweeping lines of the chair design adding ergonomic back support for increased comfort and heathy sitting for multiple body types. The unique wave shape of the back intuitively supports the natural lower lumbar, the middle thoracic and the upper cervical curves of the human spine utilizing the advanced 4 way elastomeric comfort mesh. The added adjustable lumbar feature allows for fine tuning for any additional needed support.


ONDA is available now.