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Via Seating proudly introduces Vooom™, a solution to the fast-paced world we live in. Designed by Jörg Bernauer, the Vooom™ series, combines comfort, functionality, and sustainability. With its quadruple award-winning design, Vooom™ offers two back heights—a midback and high back—both featuring distinct wing arms for added support and style. Select between 4 base options and optional motion-lounge experiences including rock, swivel & sway. Upholstered the seat in a variety of fabrics, types of vinyl or leathers. 



Vooom™ already holds the honor of being a quadruple-award winner with two reddot design awards, a Best of NeoCon 2023 award in sustainability, and a HiP honoree. Vooom™ provides privacy even in most public spaces as it encases its users from the sides and invites an efficient period of respite. Vooom™ fits beautifully in commercial, hospitality, and residential settings. This high back’s wing headrest design acts as an attractive backdrop and a privacy screen with sound suppression technology. The armrests include luxurious arm pads for added comfort and elevated design. The comfortable and supportive upholstered seat and back cushions can be specified in a broad range of textiles. 

The midback Vooom™ conference & lounge chair is customizable to fit across a multitude of spaces. This armchair creates a pleasant atmosphere in collaborative areas, as a free-standing piece, or in conference and meeting rooms. Its timeless design is led by the dimensionally stable, lightweight, compression-molded form fleece.

One of the most striking features of the Vooom™ series is its commitment to sustainability. The outer shell of these chairs is crafted from a nonwoven, lightweight material that incorporates cutting-edge sound suppression technology. But what sets this material apart is its composition—it is made from up to 60% recycled, shredded PET bottles. By utilizing these salvaged bottles, Vooom™ not only reduces plastic waste but also addresses the harmful environmental impacts caused by discarded plastic. The form fleece has zero-compromise weight-bearing capabilities and durability with a warrantied weight capacity of 300 making it both sustainable in construction and utilizing a long lifecycle. 


Plastic bottles, as we know, take an incredibly long time to decompose—up to 1000 years—releasing pollutants into our soil and water during the process. Shockingly, over 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled, and they end up accumulating in landfills. This alarming situation calls for innovative solutions that tackle the plastic waste problem head-on, and Via Seating’s Vooom™ chair rises to the challenge. 


The creation process for the form fleece shells of Vooom™ chairs is an intricate one. The nonwoven mat, containing a significant percentage of salvaged PET bottles, is first cut roughly to size and heated to 200°C. It is then placed into a mold and inserted into a high-pressure press, where it undergoes compression and cold-curing to achieve consistent and final shapes. The final form fleece shell is perfected using a CNC-controlled cutting system, which contours it into its ultimate form. 


Apart from its sustainability aspects, the form fleece material offers numerous advantages. It minimizes electrostatic charges, ensuring a comfortable and static-free seating experience. Additionally, it is certified as skin-friendly according to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, guaranteeing its safety and suitability for contact with the skin. The form fleece is also non-pilling, ensuring a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Furthermore, it boasts excellent light fastness to ISO standards, maintaining its vibrant colors even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Lastly, the high abrasion resistance of the form fleece ensures durability, making Vooom™ chairs suitable for high-traffic environments.