Presenting 4-UP

4-UP: The True Sit-to-Stand Solution



4-UP won the Business Impact Award because of its unique telescoping gas lift functionality that enables this full function, ergonomic, Italian design chair to be utilized fully for Sit-to-Stand applications and everywhere in between! “This product provides a 100% holistic solution to sit-to-stand applications i.e. full utilization of functionality of a height adjustable work surface that can deliver all of the benefits to the person using it,” says Nora Fenlon, Certified Ergonomist and CCO of Via Seating. This award recognizes products that positively impact a company’s bottom line. This chair nails it for providing excellent return of investment for the employer and excellent experience for the user. “This product is two chairs in one, and facilitates full range of standard sitting positions, perfect perching and transition to standing position easily and intuitively,” says Fenlon. 



Most height-adjustable tables offer positions everywhere between sitting and standing.    However, the user can’t access them. When users get a height-adjustable table, some try to stand all day ‘cold turkey’ and are most likely to give up and revert to sitting once the novelty has worn off. Research has shown that as little as 12% of users use the functionality of their height-adjustable tables after 60 – 90 days after installation. 

It is also understood that the benefit of height adjustable tables isn’t sitting, or standing, but how often one transitions between the two. The true benefit to the user is engaging large muscle groups to go from sit-to-stand. The more often you do this the better!

In consideration of all of this, Via Seating developed ‘The Telescoping Gas Lift’ to access the ‘in between’ or ‘perching position’. Telescoping in mechanics describes the movement of one part sliding out from another which can result in lengthening the object. Imagine that functionality incorporated into the gas lift of an ergonomic work chair. This facilitates a starting, seated height where the user’s feet are in contact with the floor, but then extends out from this position to elevate higher to where a foot ring is in place to support the feet. In short, 4-UP provides the user with a fully ergonomic work chair that can support from sit-to-stand AND everywhere in between / perching.