Astro chairs

Model: 930-70C-SO-33BLK | Fabric: Camira Blazer Knightsbridge (CUZ26) 100% Pure New Wool with a rapidly renewable and compostable non metallic dyestuff.

center yourself from any angle

Astro soars forward and breaks the mold by delivering a unique, interactive sitting experience like no other. Play with its rock, swivel and sway motion. It offers an opportunity to center one’s self from any angle. Astro has presence and offers multiple textile options to be designed to fit any environment or design concept. Its high back design offers privacy and perfectly frames one within it. The comfortable, nest like seat is ideal for some quiet reflection or simply taking some time out.


  • Backrest: high profile back offers privacy and support.
  • Seat: option to upholster the comfortable seat in a different fabric.
  • Control mechanisms: choices include fixed, motion-lounge rock (back-and-forth rocking movement), motion-lounge sway (side-to-side swaying movement) or 360 degree swivel.
  • Bases: gorgeous polished or black matte 4-leg base signature to the Astro series.
  • Foam: high-density, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection-molded foam using Via Seating’s proprietary process.
  • Ottomans: add an ottoman, choosing between the square Chico style or round Luna style.
  • Max weight: 300 lb.
  • Quick ship: 2 chairs produced in a 48 hour period.
  • Warranty: 6 year warranty.


  • ANSI/BIFMA X7.1-2011 (R2016) Standard Method equivalent to CDPH Standard Method v1.1-2010 (Clean Air Gold).
  • LEED – v4.1 Low Emitting Materials (Clean Air Gold).
  • Living Building Challenge (LBC) – Imperative 08 (Clean Air Gold).
  • WELL – Feature 04 – VOC Reduction (Clean Air Gold).


Chair. (930)

Chico ottoman. (955)

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Luna ottoman. (926)

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  • Base finishes.

    Matte black powder-coated aluminum. (-33BLK)

    Polished aluminum. (-33POL)

control mechanisms

  • Control mechanisms ("the motion experience").

    Fixed. (-69C-SF)

    • Fixed base, no movement.
    • Available on bases 33BLK & 33POL.

    Swivel. (-69C)

    • Swivels 360 degrees freely.
    • Optional auto return-to-center feature.
    • Available on bases 33BLK & 33POL.

    Rock & swivel. (-70C)

    • Rocks back & forth.
    • Swivels 360 degrees freely.
    • Optional auto return-to-center feature.
    • Available on bases 33BLK & 33POL.
    • For the best experience, pair with an ottoman.

    Rock, sway & swivel. (-72C)

    • Rocks back & forth.
    • Sways side-to-side.
    • Swivels 360 degrees freely.
    • Optional auto return-to-center feature.
    • Available on bases 33BLK & 33POL.
    • For the best experience, pair with an ottoman.


  • Bases.

    Signature base with polished finish. (-33POL)

    Signature base with matte black finish. (-33BLK)

upholstery layouts

  • Astro chair.

    Single upholstery.

    Two-tone upholstery.

    • 1st textile: seat.
    • 2nd textile: front & back side of backrest or, in other words, all upholstered parts, but the seat

designed by Studio V

Studio V creates modern, sophisticated and original seating solutions that are ergonomic, beautiful and sustainable. This team of engineers and designers are based at the Via Seating Factory in Reno, Nevada, where they develop products using a prototyping lab, the latest in 3D modeling software and a materials testing center.

studio: Reno, Nevada.

Explore their design process here→

Dimensions recorded by Via Seating engineers using:

  • the BIFMA Chair Measuring Device® (CMD) &

  • the BIFMA Universal Measuring Procedure.

chair drawings

  • Chair with a 4-leg base. (-33POL, -33BLK)

    A. Overall height.

    B. Seat height.

    C. Seat width.

    D. Backrest width in lumbar support zone.

    E. Backrest height.

    F. Overall depth.

    G. Seat depth.

    930-33POL, 930-33BLK

    controls 69C 70C 72C
    A 41.2″ (SO)
    44.1″ (SF)
    43.6″ (SR)
    41.0″ (SO)
    43.9″ (SF)
    48.2″ (SR)
    42.3″ (SO)
    45.1″ (SF)
    48.0″ (SR)
    B 15.9″ (SO)
    17.3″ (SF)
    17.3″ (SR)
    16.3″ (SO)
    17.9″ (SF)
    17.4″ (SR)
    14.6″ (SO)
    16.3″ (SF)
    15.8″ (SR)
    C 25.0″ 25.0″ 25.0″
    D 16.0″ 16.0″ 16.0″
    E 30.7″ 30.7″ 30.7″
    F 39.0″ 39.0″ 39.0″
    G 21.1″ 21.1″ 21.1″


    gas lifts:

    • SO: Swivel only.
    • SF: Fixed.
    • SR: Swivel with return-to-center.

arm drawings

  • Integrated fixed arms.

    J. Armrest length.

    K. Armrest height.

    L. Armrest width.

    M. Width between armrests.

    Astro's integrated arms.

    J.  22.0″
    K.  6.4″
    L.  39.0″
    M.  32.0″

drawings showing back tilt

  • Chair with a 4-leg base. (-33POL, -33BLK)

    N. Minimum backrest angle.

    O. Maximum backrest angle.

    P. Minimum seat pan angle.

    Q. Maximum seat pan angle.

    930-33POL, 930-33BLK

    controls 69C 70C 72C
    N 108° 105° 105°
    O 10°
    P 108° 120° 117°
    Q 10° 20° 17°

To download a model file type, simply click on the file type name.

Chair with a 4-leg base:

Polished finish. (-33POL)

⇩ 2D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ 3D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ revit (.rfa)

Matte black finish. (-33BLK)

⇩ 2D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ 3D autoCAD (.dwg)
⇩ revit (.rfa)