On the 'Rise'

Ergonomic and economic, this series from Via Seating is on the ‘RISE.’

Via Seating introduces the “RISE” series, a revolutionary seating solution designed by Swedish-born Daniel Laval in collaboration with Via’s design team, Studio V. The RISE series is a fusion of a unique aesthetic design and essential ergonomic features focusing on health and wellness. This versatile seating solution embodies affordability, functionality, and scalability, making it a perfect fit for any work environment, be it corporate, home, or hybrid. RISE miraculously achieves the Via Seating standard level of quality and comfort while achieving a highly competitive price point. Discover RISE »



A rainbow of options; the 4-way stretch elastomeric mesh is available in four different colors: black, grey, red & blue, while the frame comes in black or gray, offering designers adaptability for either playful or organic spaces. Build RISE on Spec-it »


The RISE series features an intentional ergonomic design that focuses on workspace wellness, with a tapered back design that supports intuitive mobility throughout the upper body, even in compact spaces. For users requiring less back support, the supportive lumbar pillow is easily removable from the back, and easily re-inserted at any desired time. RISE comes in a standard body-balance synchro with seat-slide control or active tilt control, making the RISE series super user-friendly with full ergonomic functionality. The arms come in a standard fixed option or a 6D adjustable option for a fully ergonomic experience. The RISE 6D arms allow users to customize their sitting experience with arm height adjustment, width adjustment, and armrest rotation.

A considerable amount of RISE’s comfort can be attributed to the proprietary comfort foam seat. The seat comes in two options, the streamlined convex seat or the extra supportive both designed to support optimal sitting posture. The closed-cell cold-cured foam technology used in the RISE series features a smooth outer skin that is kind to fabric, protecting the foam over time. The proprietary comfort foam is sculpted to provide body balance technology built directly into the cushioning of the seat and back, injecting it into an engineered mold at controlled, differing rates, creating strategic, multi-density levels within each cushion. This process builds a subtle seat contour that maximizes support exactly where it is needed and where body weight is most concentrated. The seat embodies distinguished lasting support that keeps RISE users in optimal comfort. Learn more about Via Seating’s proprietary comfort foam »

The RISE series features the optional telescoping gas lift that allows users to sit comfortably with their feet on the ground and then elevate to approximately counter height where the foot-ring can support their feet. RISE is enhanced with the telescoping gas lift, making it accommodate a desk at any height. This serves as a true sit-to-stand function that works in harmony with any sit-to-stand desk.

Via Seating is an industry-recognized seating specialist that has been in business for over 35 years, driving innovation in the seating category. Via was the first to offer its entire range of seating within a 48-hour manufacturing time. Today, Via’s portfolio of products covers task, conference, lounge/collaborative, multi-use, executive & outdoor seating. Most recently, Via Seating announced a U.S. Patent and Trademark for its award-winning proprietary Copper-Infused Mesh. This technology prioritizes the need for solutions dedicated to Public Health & Safety in the workplace. 

All Via Seating products including RISE follow the Design for the Environment (DfE) design approach, screening all components to identify and assess the human and ecosystem health impacts of chemicals of concern. Prior to product launch, every product is continuously developed and tested for functionality and durability within Via Seating’s ISO 17025:2017 accredited lab. 

Via Seating products are BIFMA LEVEL® certified, which is an evaluation and certification system for environmentally preferable and socially-responsible office furniture. 3rd party certification is achieved by conformance to a multi-attribute standard created by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) that evaluates product impacts across categories including Materials, Energy, Human Health, and Social Responsibility. 


At the end of a product’s life, Via Seating provides accessible care guidelines that help maintain the quality of every product and easy-to-follow disassembly instructions.