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optimal sitting position

A conventional chair with a back encourages a sitting posture that puts the body in a “C” shape—pelvis tucked, back rounded and shoulders rolled forward. This C position damages the shock absorbers in the spine or the intervertebral disks (IVDs), which over time can cause degeneration and health problems. Sitting on the backless Swopper® trains the body to sit in an optimal position. It builds muscle strength that supports proper posture all day and keeps the spine in optimal alignment.

the science behind a healthy back from active sitting

Your spine has "shock absorbers" called intervertebral discs (IVDs). These IVDs have an avascular nature, which means no blood is being supplied directly to them. For this reason, the spinal disks do not heal well, if at all according to research. The only way that these disks receive the the proper support to strengthen and maintain their optimal health is through low-impact, gentle, stimulating movements that support spinal strength and lasting health. Enter Swopper®. The Swopper® active motion chair encourages fun, gentle, spinal stimulating movements through its spring tension (bounce) and 360 degree rotation (sway). When you're bouncing on a Swopper®, your spine is actually dynamically loading and off-loading on the IVDs, taking nutrients in and pushing waste out.

Swopper® is fun

What Swopper® delivers in ergonomics and long-term back health it matches in fun. Swopper® delivers a sitting experience unlike any other. Its convex seat is comfortable. Its smooth mechanisms hidden beneath its sleek framework encourage combinations of vertical bouncing, side-to-side swaying, 360 degree rotation to the left of right, forward and backward tilt. It can also be held perfectly still by simply sitting still.

unique Swopper® air fabric

Swopper® delivers a special, high-tech cushioning with new, climate-active cover for feather-soft sitting comfort. Five perfectly matching functional layers provide a lasting breathable, pressure-relieving and heat-regulating sitting.

Swopper® 3D-Ergonomics

The Swopper® has a unique mechanism housed in its sturdy base. It works in harmony with the seat to give the user 360 degrees and more of freedom of movement. Sit, perch, bounce and sway. Swopper® supports and encourages frequent movement and changes in sitting position. Swopper® keeps you fit, ensures freer, deeper breathing and continuously strengthens your back and muscles.

easy height adjustment

Swopper® can be easily adjusted up and down allowing it to work in harmony with a variety of work environments. Use with standard desks, counters and sit-to-stand desks. Swopper®'s height adjustment offers 5.5 inches of travel, lifting the seat up to 27.5 inches off the ground. The high version lifts up to 31.0 inches off the ground. To adjust up, simply grasp the handle, pull up and lift body weight up out of the seat. To adjust down, again grasp the handle, pull up and lower body weight against the seat.

flexible sideways movement

Swopper® delivers a wide sideways reach. This increases the radius of action and optimizes natural posture at the same time. It encourages shifting positions and playful movement, which activates the blood circulation, in turn increasing internal resources for better concentration. Swopper®'s spring tension adjustment can be made easily. Simply lift Swopper® up, turn it over—the standard models only weigh 23 lb— and adjust the tension dial at its base to increase Swopper®'s range of motion (turn toward the plus + sign) or decrease the range of motion (turn dial toward the minus - sign).

ergonomic forward tilt

Swopper®'s 3D joint located close to the ground allows for a comfortable, hip-opening, hands-free tilt forward of the Swopper® chair as the user shifts forward. This built-in 15 degree lateral motion adjustment keeps the back in straight, optimal spinal alignment, keeps the chest lifted to enable deep breath and keeps blood circulation stimulated as the sitter shifts forward.



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