Regola modular furniture

rebuild & reconfigure endlessly

Regola is a modular panel, seating, surface and accessory system easily workable into a variety of open lounge, work station and privacy configurations.  Regola was designed by ORLANDINI DESIGN and developed and patented by Daniele Gollinucci of Rexsitt.  Regola can be used as a flexible co-working station, semi-private impromptu meeting solution and collaborative lounge areas. Shape Regola into private nooks, booths, sanctuaries and more for creating durable, sound-proofed, touch down and respite spaces within any room. Regola is connected using a patented bracket click system and utilizes a unique button system to hold the seats and surfaces in place (virtually no tools required). It is easily reconfigured and reimagined to meet your space’s needs on the fly.



collaborate in Regola

Regola is perfect for team work and meeting space needs. The button to seat and easy click panel solutions allow for creatively built hideaways and sanctuary spaces. Backless and backed seats provide variety for short or longer term brainstorming sessions. Regola’s free standing coffee and larger table options allow for extensive, shared creative thinking sessions.

work in Regola

When needing medium or large office pod build outs, touch down booths or standing work stations, Regola delivers the perfect work space solutions. The work surfaces are power ready with optional standard power and USB plugin.

lounge in Regola

Regola offers four acoustical seats that play beautifully together. The simplicity and versatility of these chairs – leaf, pouf, single seat and double seat – allow for laid-back lounge spots.

chill in Regola

Pairing Regola seats, panels and free-standing tables create perfect cafe spots.

the acoustic seats





single seat


double seat



the acoustic panels

medium straight panel


tall straight panel


medium curved panel


tall curved panel



the power-ready work surfaces

single corner work surface


single square work surface


double work surface


wrap-around work surface



the sanctuary surfaces

collaborative work surface



the shelves

single shelf


double shelf



free-standing tables

single table


coffee table


cafe table


acoustic soundproofing

To protect the user’s privacy and have the most flexible space ever, all units are only made of soundproofing materials on both sides, as certified by the UNI EN ISO standard.


Shells made of this unique material are much lighter than other materials of the same size. The sandwich design gives these molded units high mechanical strength, combined with an extremely low weight per unit volume.

even shape

The reagent mixture expands in a sealed mold into a full-skinned, compact surface and a finely porous closed-cell core.


Density slowly changes across the section of each piece, as it expands outwards, providing perfect dimensional stability and high mechanical strength.