Muvman® active sit-to-stand chairs

productivity starts where standing long hours stops

Muvman® sit-to-stand
Muvman® factory sit-to-stand
Muvman® medical sit-to-stand
Muvman® tall sit-to-stand

active sit-to-stand chair

The Muvman® is the first active seat for sitting and perching that, through innovative technology and ergonomics, meets all the demands of the workplace without compromise. The The Muvman® sets benchmarks for range of movement, flexibility and sitting heights in office, retail, laboratory, medical practices and production shop work environments. It delivers ultimate function, which making a clear statement in design: stylish, elegant, distinctive.

flexzone seat technology

Muvman®'s flexible seat technology and cushioning eliminates pressure points, ensuring free blood circulation and a pleasant seat climate. The seat cover is in a breathable, microfibre fabric made of 88% Polyester and 12% Polyurethane. The muvman® factory model designed for use in manufacturing warehouses and laboratories has a unique, easy-clean wipeable, black seat cover made of 86% polyvinyl chloride, 9% polyester and 5% cotton.

easily lift & transfer

Muvman® offers an easy grip handle, perfect for moving it around. Muvman® is lightweight, weighing less than 14 lb.

stable foot

Muvman® is grounded by a non-slip rubber rim base-plate that guarantees safe support in every sitting and standing position. It houses the multidimensional movable joint—the muvzone®. The Muvman® factory and Muvman® medical versions have a dustproof and dirtproof cover over the muvzone®.

muvzone® 3D-Ergonomics

The Muvman® houses a 3D, multidimensional, movable joint in its stable base-plate called the muvzone®. It works in harmony with the dynamic, flexzone® seat to give the user 360 degrees of harmonious freedom of movement. Sitting or perching on Muvman® can reduce the users body weight by up to 70% and delivers maximum, adjustable and active comfort throughout the work day.

easy vertical adjustment

Muvman® can be easily adjusted up and down allowing it to work in harmony with a variety of work environments. It is the perfect sit-to-stand seat for sit-to-stand desks. Sit or perch on Muvman® with easy. Muvman®'s height adjustment offers 10 inches of travel, lifting the seat up to 33 inches off the ground. To adjust, simply click the buttons in located on the left and right side beneath the seat.

smooth sideways movement

Muvman® delivers a wide, hands-free sideways reach. This increases the radius of action and optimizes natural posture at the same time. It encourages shifting positions and playful movement, which activates the blood circulation, in turn increasing internal resources for better concentration.

ergonomic forward tilt

Muvman®'s 3D joint located close to the ground in the muvzone® allows for a comfortable, hip-opening, hands-free tilt forward of the Muvman® chair as the user shifts forward. This built-in 4 degree tilt as the user shifts forward, keeps the back in straight, optimal spinal alignment, keeps the chest lifted to enable deep breath and keeps blood circulation stimulated.