4u chairs

finally, a chair 4u

slim line mesh back chair
slim line mesh back stool
extra comfort mesh back chair
extra comfort mesh back stool
slim line groove back chair
slim line groove back stool
extra comfort groove back chair
extra comfort groove back stool
slim line upholstered back chair
slim line upholstered back stool
extra comfort upholstered back chair
extra comfort upholstered back stool

discover 4u

Meet 4u – offering you trailblazing Italian design that is so easy to use it works in both task heavy and conference environments.  Enjoy the sleek framework of black or white that arches around 8 arm choices including adjustable height, width and full function cap options.  4u’s frame fits securely into a control that offers body balance and synchro tilt functionality.  Available as both a mid back and high back with choice of slim line or extra comfort seats offered in medium or large sizes.

Upgrade with a drafting kit to further diversify this versatile ergonomic chair.  Or apply the 400lb capacity enhanced body balance control for your heavy-duty workdays.

There’s no doubt about it.  This chair is 4U.


  • mesh: 4-way elastomeric stretch mesh encased in a designer black or white frame
  • seat: offering two distinct seat styles—original slim line design with seat pan and new extra comfort seat with extra height in the cushioning of the seat.
  • control mechanisms: featuring quick adjust advanced synchro that uses single rotation adjustments for the back (no endless turning of the handle to adjust your backrest to your level of comfort).
  • arms: multiple height and width adjustable options and a fixed, conference arm.
  • bases: five-star bases available in black nylon, polished aluminum and brushed aluminum finishes.
  • quick ship: 20 chairs produced in a 48 hour period.
  • warranty: 12 year warranty, 5 for mesh.

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