adjustable arms

Via Seating offers a broad range of arm rests that allow one to choose best function, best fit, best value and best design for a broad range of applications. Height adjustability is a standard feature and recommended for all task applications. Being mindful to fully support a broad range of body types and sizes, consider other functions like; height range of the arm, width between arms, rotating arm caps, and arm cap design itself. Think about the type of work being done and the individual required to do the work. Then think about what features are needed to ensure the appropriate range of adjustability and support to fit the individual(s). The goal is to support a broad range of ergonomic factors that can help reduce the risks associated with repetitive actions like keyboarding, excessive mouse use, etc.


Note: Arms are noted as *new* or *while supplies last*. Controls on *while supplies last* status are presented with recommended alternates.


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