We pride ourselves on being a US based manufacturer of quality seating solutions.
With a diverse global supply chain; and because of the recent rounds of trade tariff impacts, many of our domestic component suppliers (including textile suppliers) are being forced to raise their prices to us. Up to this point via seating has not been impacted, but given the most recent round of events (25% trade tariffs with no end date announced), we are being forced to do the following:
  • Effective June 1st 2019, implement a 2.5% net tariff surcharge.
Please note:
  • Any existing POs or POs received prior to June 1st, will not be subject to this tariff surcharge.
  • POs received after June 1st will be impacted.
  • The tariff surcharge will be added as a separate line item to the net price of the invoice.
  • As motion seating (Muvman®, Oyo®, Swopper®) and outdoor seating (Sierra, Tahoe) are sourced directly from Germany and Italy respectively, these product collections will not have any surcharge.