2021 April price list update

Effective April 1st, 2021 we will have a 5% list price increase. This price increase will be a flat 5% on all product.

Please note the following:

  • This will be reflected in our NEW 2021 Price List (2nd Edition) book here ».
  • This price increase is applied to the 2021 Price List (1st edition) here ».
  • Orders placed on or before March 31st, 2021 (03/31/2021) will be processed at the 2021 Price List (1st edition) pricing.

Follow these links to assist you in driving specifications that will be the solutions for your clients needs:

pricing tools & resource updates

spec it! online quote builder

  • All product here is on 2021 Price List (2nd Edition) pricing.
  • Includes new series Cortina & Moon Tables.
  • Includes finish & option additions to Eclipse Wired, Splash Air, Sierra & Tahoe.
  • Includes new 3d renderable models for Via Seating’s executive models (Carmel, Dyce, Linate, Oslo, Vero).

2021 price book, 2nd edition

  • Effective for all orders placed 04/01/2021 & later.
  • Online summary with links here ».
  • Online flip book here ».

2021 price book, 1st edition

  • Effective for all orders placed 03/31/2021 or earlier.
  • Online flip book here ».

Breadth & Depth Training Guide 2021

  • Via Seating’s training series for all of its indoor seating series & outdoor landscape furniture collections.
  • All product here is on 2021 Price List (2nd Edition) pricing.

all active contracts

Configura's CET Designer

  • Explore the March update, which includes Muir & additional textiles.
  • Update is in progress to the Price List (2nd Edition) pricing.

Project Matrix software

  • Update is in progress to the Price List (2nd Edition) pricing.
  • A temporary notice regarding the April 1st price increase is being placed at the top of these catalogs.

2020 software

  • Update is in progress to the Price List (2nd Edition) pricing.
  • A temporary notice regarding the April 1st price increase is being placed at the top of these catalogs.

new seating series & landscape furniture collections

new series: Onda

  • Via Seating’s first all mesh, high-performance, ergonomic chair.
  • ADEX Platinum award winner 2021.
  • Available in high and mid back with adjustable lumbar support.
  • Biocidal, copper striped mesh option.
  • More here »

new series: Cortina

  • Offers stackable benches & tables in multiple lengths.
  • Offers a litter bin with or without a lid.
  • Free-standing or ground bolted.
  • More here »

new series: Moon Tables

  • Offers a square & rectangle option, each with 4 legs.
  • Heights pair perfectly with series Eclipse Wired & Splash Air.
  • Free-standing options that work indoors & outdoors.
  • More here »

explore more new product

  • Check out the webpage showcasing new & highlighted offerings here »
  • Explore the latest “what’s new?” pdf here »

discontinuing product

Due to lack of sales, effective April 1st, 2021 the following product will be offered on a *while supplies last* basis until inventory depletes. Orders for this product will be processed at 2021 1st edition pricing. We’re communicating the information to you in advance to help transition standards programs onto recommended alternate solutions. Please contact your Area Sales Manager or dedicated Client Accounts Specialist with any questions.

New high backs with adjustable headrests are the best alternates for Brisbane, Brisbane HD & Terra traditional high backs.

discontinuing: low & high backs Brisbane, Brisbane HD & Terra

The following products are discontinuing:

  • Brisbane low backs & high backs. More here ».
  • Brisbane HD high backs. More here ».
  • Terra low backs & high backs. More here ».

The recommended alternates for these models are:

Recommended alternates for the traditional full-width high backs are new Brisbane or Brisbane HD (see image above) high backs with headrests. These new high back models (just add -HDR1) are durable & emphasize a comfortable, ergonomic sit. The headrest lifts 2.5″ up from, tilts 5° forward & tilt 40° backward from the starting, upright position. This adjustable headrest offers: 1) Height adjustment. 2) Angle adjustment. Optimal positioning is achieved when the neck is able to relax and the weight of the head is supported by the rest during task work. This relieves pressure from the upper thorax and lower cervical region of the spine. The headrest can also be pushed back out of the way during downtime.

Recommended alternates for the low back models are the mid back models. Please see your area manager or client accounts specialist for details and any standards program considerations.

Please note: The Brisbane & Brisbane HD series are still highly relevant with multiple seat size selections. Both offer a 12 year warranty with HD 24/7 usage on the Brisbane HD series.  Terra series mid back models are also still broadly supported with longstanding standards programs and have a very loyal following.   Therefore, they proudly remain as part of our quality collection of seating.

Vero is the best alternate for Voss upholstered models.

discontinuing: Voss series

The following series is discontinuing:

The recommended alternates for these models are:

For upholstered back models, mid & high back, see Vero (above) for a high Italian design model by Orlandini Design. Vero features a breadth of arm options allowing for task/work chair, conference & executive applications. Select between a Quick adjust advanced synchro control mechanism or Auto-adjust body balance control mechanism. Both offer seat depth adjustment options. The synchro also offers an ergonomic forward tilt adjustment.

For a more traditional look, see Carmel, which also offers mid & high upholstered back models.

For mesh back models—mid & high back options—see the Riva series. The original Voss mesh back models are offered through the Riva series utilizing that tailored Voss seat.

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