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From the Collection: Onda mesh

Collection Details

Collection Onda mesh
Type Mesh
Mill/Manufacturer Via Seating
Width 50.0"
Abrasion +100,000 double rubs
Makeup Nylon
Environmentally Conscious Passes TB 117-2013
Content Identifiers Bleach Cleanable, No Antimicrobial Additives, No Flame Retardant Additives
Material Content 52% Nylon, 48% Polyelastomer.
Cleaning and Maintenance WS + BC: To prevent overall soil, frequently vacuum and lightly brush the best to remove dust and grime buildup. Mix mild soap and warm water together and using a lint-free cloth, damp it a little bit into the mixture. Dab gently where the stain is located. Use a different, dry, lint-free cloth to dry the area. Repeat if needed. Infrequent use of no greater than a 2:10 bleach to water solution can be used for disinfection of the mesh. The accumulate wet contact time should be limited to a maximum of two hours over the life of the chair. Regular bleach cleaning of this mesh is not recommended.
Works for Series Onda
Does Not Work on Series This mesh collection is exclusive to the Onda series.