contrasting stitch

Play with contrasting or complimentary colors of thread to enhance your chair by making your 3 simple choices below.

step 1: choose your chair

available on these select models

Carmel chairs

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Proform® chairs

available on panel, parallel & diamond
stitch patterns

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Astro chairs

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Chico benches

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Chico chairs

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Chico ottomans

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Comet chairs

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Edge chairs

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Orbit chairs

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Meteor chairs

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Luna ottomans

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step 2: choose your via seating leather

available in grade 8, grade 6 & grade 5 choices


grade 8 leathers

black leather (293)

tobacco leather (230)

burgundy leather (236)

chestnut leather (228)

cardinal leather (248)

sand leather (219)

grade 6 leathers

black leather (95)

slate leather (93)

royal blue leather (98)

brown leather (96)

playa leather (92)

white leather (91)

grade 5 leathers

black leather (75)

step 3: choose your thread color


black thread (CTS-03)

grey thread (CTS-05)

cream thread (CTS-06)

white thread (CTS-04)

chocolate thread (CTS-07)

blue thread (CTS-09)

red thread (CTS-08)

yellow thread (CTS-10)