digital *green* library

A Via Seating green initiative aimed at reducing paper waste & our carbon footprint.


At Via Seating, we are continuously seeking better ways to become more environmentally friendly for a sustainable future. Check out our completely “green” paperless library of digital flip books, brochures and binders below. Each flip book simulates the experience of a physical book with turnable pages. Plus, the content is instantly in your hands. Further enhance your browsing experience within each book by accessing direct links throughout each to our online content and resources.

brochure books

Via Seating’s Look Book 2020

Look Book 2020

Featuring ViaCon 2020’s new product releases including Via Seating’s first all mesh chair, Onda, 2020 Red Dot Award winning series, Eclipse, and bumper-to-bumper 12 year warranty covered, sustainable seating solution, Genie Flex.


Solutions Overview Book

Explore Via Seating’s 2020 seating highlights including series in task/work chair, executive, stack/nest/multi-use and outdoor contract furniture categories. This solutions book was launched in Spring 2020.

Via Seating Lounge Book

Lounge Book

Embrace Via Seating’s designer lounge and soft seating series including the in demand rock, swivel & sway Astro chair .

pricing books

Via Seating’s 2020 Price Book

Price Book 2020

Please note, this does not include new series released after 01/01/20: Eclipse, Genie Flex, Nebula, Muir & Onda.