Daniele Gollinucci of REXSITT ITALIA

Daniele Gollinucci is the founder and owner of REXSITT ITALIA, an Italian developer and manufacturer of contract office furniture sold all over the world.  He developed the Regola collaborative lounge and work station and the BEST OF NEOCON GOLD award winning Younique all mesh chair.  Since 1970, REXSITT ITALIA has been developing award-winning and world renowned innovative and patented office furniture solutions that are forward-thinking and beautifully designed.


studio: Bertinoro (FC), Italy

ReGOLA modular collection

ReGOLA is a versatile ReCONFIGURABLE panel, seating, surface and accessory system designed to create customized collaborative and lounge areas or private work spaces.

Younique execu-task chairs

Embrace the Younique balance of ethereal form & ergonomic functionality in seating.